Isobel, Owner/Breeder with Kayf Aramis


Isobel with a young Kayf Aramis and his dam, Ara

Isobel and family don't own a stud farm or stables or land.  And yet they have already bred 3 winners, including a Cheltenham Festival winner!  


Isobel's riding mare Ara cost just £1,000 as an unbroken 3 year old.  Isobel decided to put Ara into foal at a late age, using the local stallion Kayf Tara from Overbury Stud. The resulting foal Kayf Aramis was born in a cowshed on a farm down the road.  Kayf Aramis went on to win 7 times over flat and hurdles and numerous placed efforts.    







Leading in Kayf Aramis after winning at the Cheltenham Festival

Success at the Cheltenham Festival 2009!

How Kayf Aramis got his name

Beginning at the tail-end, so to speak, the MIS of AraMIS is, in fact from MISty, a much loved pony, not, as some might think, from the distinctive men's aftershave nor from the name of one of the Three Musketeers in the novel by Alexandre Dumas, Athos, Porthos and Aramis whose motto was, as we all know, all for one and one for all.Yet that is the motto that binds together all the horses Isobel Phipps Coltman has bred. ARA is the name of Kayf Aramis's Dam. Ara was found in the pages of Horse & Hound by Isobel, Misty's owner, soon after she left school. Aided and abetted by her grandfather, and without seeking permission of her parents, who were on holiday, Ara joined Misty in North London at Frith Manor. KAYF, of course, is the magnificent Sire, KAYF TARA, whose name also contains that of the Dam. A marriage made in heaven! Indeed it was on a calm, blissfully sunny day on 27 April 2001 when Ara and Kayf Tara were wed at the Overbury Stud. Isobel remembers the air rent with the extraordinary primordial mating call of the sire as he approached his dam of that day. Out of this idyllic wedlock came KAYF ARAMIS exactly a year later, 27 April 2002